"We're brothers. We'll get through this."

What if circumstances forced Mako and Bolin down the same path as Noatak and Tarrlok? Requested by an anon. Hope you see this, and hope I got it right??

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A little Lieutenant love. Seriously, the guy was crushed.

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Have a shameless selfie of me preparing for the after-party party by trying on pink eyeshadow and comfy minion shirts.

No, but, real talk for a minute; I met an old classmate today who hasn’t seen me in like five years and she immediately gushed about how different I looked and stuff but one of her lines that really slapped me went something like “you’re so pretty now! but you’re still so dark!! -insert sad face here- Have you tried ____________ yet?”

Insert blank with skin-whitening soap I refuse to advertise here.

And it kinda makes me sad and it kinda hurts and I kinda need a pick-me-up right now because I don’t really care if I’m not society’s standard of pretty or beautiful or whatever, but I don’t think me having dark skin is the reason I don’t hit the definition.

Like, I don’t think my skin color is a negative against me. I don’t think I’ll look tons better if I had white skin. I’m Filipino; I’m supposed to be dark-skinned.

I mean, it’s okay when my friends tease me about it, but when used seriously, it’s kind of a real shocker/slap/idkkk.

Idk. “You’re so pretty, but you’re still so dark!” It’s the “but” there that really gets me. I wanna be proud of my skin color and I am, most of the time. There are times, though, when I find myself wishing I was whiter. And I don’t like feeling that way.

Tl;dr: this has been rei ranting about skin color and race and the definition of beauty kbye. :3

Posting gifs before i leave; don’t worry. I know you didn’t follow me for my personal life.

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Hi! Just wanted you to know that I really, REALLY appreciate your tags; they're funny and sweet and I love the enthusiasm and they totally make my day and you seem like such an awesome person. <3 So I'm following you now. You're lovely. Okay, that's all. :3 Have a great day/night!

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You read my tags? And you like them? Awwww OMG!!! Coming from the best GIF maker in tumblr, that’s more than a compliment to me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH REI YOU’RE SO SWEET!!, ASSJDKDLÑ I’M BLUSHINGGGG!! You’re the BEST. This is a dream come true

<3 <3 <3

Everybody, follow this girl and love this girl she is so sweet and her tags are like the best thing ever so much enthusiasm and love.

<3 <3 <3

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holy cow


someone loves me

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The universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.

Ozai has no qualms about sparring with children.

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Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met.
But loving him was red.

Because I miss Waava. Just so damn much. For Amanda. :( I’m sorry I keep missing you, sweetie. <3

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Whoooaa, I lost, like, 2 followers immediately after I posted the korra edits. TwT is this a sign universe? am i not allowed to edit? should I just stick to gifs? will bolin ever got some?? 

on another note, I’m thinking of changing my URL, because my current URL doesn’t make sense, but then this has been my url since I was 16 for all my major accounts. TwT 

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This world is cruel, but it is also beautiful.

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This world is cruel, but it is also beautiful.

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