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The Scarf Stays

The Cute Side: Bye Scarfie We Will Miss You // Mako Giving Away His Fashion Statement = A++ Character Development

The Serious Talk Side: I’m not super crazy about Mako, but THREE THINGS:

1. I was always proud of him for developing his bending potential. Like, call me overdramatic, but I think it says a lot about his strength that he was still able to bend despite the fact that his parents were killed right in front of him by a Firebender. If I was in his shoes, I would hate my element. (Remember, even Aang didn’t want to Firebend at first because he hurt Katara with it)

2. And I find it sweet that Mako, despite being the Firebender, clung to something from his dad. I’m not saying that he wasn’t close to his mom, but I love the fact that the difference in race didn’t stereotype the love in his household. For that fact, I love that the earthbending dad had a scarf in the firenation color.

3. I love to poke fun about how dramatic he is about the scarf (“the scarf stays”) but then I got to thinking; I would probably be super protective about something from my parents too, if they died. That scarf was his. He didn’t even give it to Bolin, his own brother. But then he meets his grandmother for the first time and this sweet old lady just loves him so much without even knowing him properly and he’s probably just blown away by all the unconditional love that he decides to give her something to keep her safeHe’s not as expressive as Bolin when it comes to feelings, so I think giving her the scarf was a huge step forward.

Mako, you are awkward and thick and I really, really hate how you treated Asami and Korra, but you know what? You’re human and you’re flawed and you have emotions and potential and I think that makes you great and I’m slowly starting to like you again. ;)

BONUS: Also, can you imagine how out of place he felt when he met the family? Like, here’s a whole room of earthbenders/earth-kingdom-ers, and he’s like the only Firebender and he’s just so awkward because he really isn’t as open as these people. And bonus bonus! After he told the room that their parents were killed, can you imagine the heavy guilt coming back to bite him because he’s facing this sweet old woman and he can’t tell her that her earth kingdom son was killed by a firebender?

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